International Costs
Academic Year 2020/21

Semester 2 accommodation available

If you are arriving to DCU at any point during the academic year, we have accommodation for you on campus.

On Campus accommodation will offer you the safest and best possible university experience closest to all campus amenities. We have options for International Postgraduates and International Undergraduates. 

International Postgraduates 

Postgraduate Apartments

2nd Installment - To cover from 30/12/2020 - 29/4/2021

Single €2716.00

Double €3664.00

3rd Installment - To cover from 29/04/2021 - 15/8/2021

Single €2424.00

Double €3270.00

International Undergraduates 

College Park Accommodation 

​Semester 2 - To Cover from 18/01/2021-21/05/2021

Semester 2 Single - €3089

Semester 2 Double €3183

Semester 2 Superior Double - €3278

To make an application - Click here  and mail with the details of your stay. If you are arriving outside of the above dates please e mail us and we will accommodate you with your booking needs.