Restrivtive Movement Guidelines

Restrictive Movement guidelines

For the latest Government advice click here to access the latest COVID 19 travel regulations.

Students are requested to restrict their movements for 14 days if arriving into Ireland from a location that is not on the COVID-19 Green List.

These restrictions include students with no symptoms and students who have tested negative for the virus in another location.

If you are unsure if your country is on the green list, you can access information on the green list by clicking here.

The accommodation office will be in touch with you about the collection of your bedroom key on arrival to campus. For international arrivals, we will not be posting out keys to students. The room that you take for the first 14 nights of your stay will not be the room that you will use for the full academic year. During the first 14 days, you are required to restrict your movements within the university.

The request to restrict your movements within university grounds means:

Do not use any of the university facilities during the 14 days. This includes, but is not limited to, the accommodation reception, laundry facilities, the campus shop, the bar, the restaurants and the pharmacy. Only use the pharmacy in the case of an emergency and face coverings are compulsory. The number of DCU Pharmacy is + 353 1 7006080 if you need to call them.

If you are going for a short walk you are required to do so alone and to maintain a 2-metre distance from other people. Albert College park on campus must be used for any short walks that you are taking and a face mask must be worn. Please note that the main campus is off-limits during the 14-day restricted movement period. Movements must be limited to walking between the accommodation block and Albert College park only.

If you need assistance from reception, please call +353 1 700 5736 between 10 am – 6 pm Monday – Sunday. If you need assistance outside of these hours’, security can be contacted on +353 1 700 5999.

No guests are permitted in your room while residing in campus accommodation.

Do not use public transport if possible but where essential the wearing of a face covering is required by law when doing so unless you have a diagnosed medical reason.

To assist the Irish Government with contact tracing, you are encouraged to download the COVID-19 app at

Please visit for the latest university updates.