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 (Please note that our first year room offers will be sent by the end of this week​ and you will be notified via e mail)

For many people, coming to university means living away from home for the first time. So you want to be sure you’ll find a place to live that is clean, modern, comfortable and safe, not too expensive, and within easy reach of all your activities. And you’ll want to be with other students who share the same lifestyle as your own.

At DCU, you’ll find all this as our campus accommodation, managed by Campus Residences Limited, is second to none. Purpose-built residences provide around 1,100 rooms for undergraduates and postgraduates. There are various types of accommodation - some offer ensuite rooms; others provide study bedrooms with shared bathrooms; most of our accommodation comprises apartments (for groups of four or five) with shared kitchens and ensuite bathrooms. All our accommodation is well furnished and maintained to a high standard. All rooms have network ports and high speed network/internet access.

As well as our rooms on campus we maintain listings of off campus accommodation in the area.

Using the links provided please spend time exploring our website to get more information on our facilities and services

Apply for accommodation online from the 4th March 2014 (You will need your CAO nubmber to complete this)


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Overnight Guests

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 Please note that our first year room offers will be sent by the end of this week​ and you will be notified via e mail.blank

Attention current students!!  To be included in the lottery for the first round of room allocations, you must have made your application and set up  your room shares by Friday 11th April.



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