Q. I was not offered a room but still really want to live on campus. What are my chances?
If you were not successful in the first round of offers for accommodation – don't despair! We will keep your details on file and will offer out cancellations as they are received.  Please click here for information on accommodation in the private sector. 

Q. I have been allocated a room, but do not like the location of the room / people I will be sharing with. What do I do?
We try our best to give students the preference stated on their application. However, this is not always possible. You must accept the room you have been offered or reject the offer and re-join the waiting list.

Q. I have a medical condition and therefore require on campus accommodation. Do I get preference?
A number of rooms are specially designed for wheelchair users and students with disabilities do get preference in the allocation of other rooms. However, you must specify this when applying online and we will require your Consultant/Specialist to complete an “ Evidence of Disability Form”.

Q. Who will I be sharing with?
If you want to share with friend(s), you can request this when applying online and we will try to accommodate you. However this can not be guaranteed. Otherwise the allocation of rooms is completely random.

Q. What if I change my mind or find alternative accommodation? Do I get my deposit back?

Once you have accepted an offer you are liable for rental charges until the room is re-allocated.  In addition, in all cases, a €100 administration charge will be deducted from your booking deposit.  

Q. When can I move in?
Keys will be available for collection from the Wednesday prior to orientation week.  Details regarding key collection will be sent out to all residents prior to this date.

Q. What if I arrive in Dublin before this date - Can I go straight into my room? 

No. Unfortunately for insurance reasons we cannot allow you to move in prior to the date on your occupancy licence. You can contact Campus Residences for a list of local hotels and guesthouses.

Q. Financially, university life sounds too expensive. Can anybody help me?
The Access Service at DCU administer a Subsidised On Campus Accommodation Scheme.  For futher information please click here.  

Q. What should I bring with me?

Duvets, pillow(s) and mattress protector are provided.  You need to bring your own bring bed linen (e.g. duvet cover, pillow case).  You will also need to bring crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, cooking utensils etc.

Q. What facilities are included?
Our rates are inclusive of all utilities.  All our accommodation is self-catering ~ you must do your own cooking and washing, supply your own crockery, cutlery and bed linen. There are two laundrettes located on the Glasnevin campus.  There are no laundry facilities on St. Patrick's campus. 

Q. Are there TVs in the bedroom? 
If you require a TV you will need to supply your own with TV cable.  Please be advised that students are responsible for purchasing a TV licence.

Q. Is there WIFI in the rooms?

There is WIFI available in all the rooms in the residences. There is also a network (internet) access point availble in the bedrooms. 

On St. Patrick's Campus each bedroom has a network (internet) access point and the common rooms have WIFI internet access*. 

*Please note cables are not included but can be purchased on campus from the SPAR shop or library.

Q. Are the rooms insured?
The contents of your room are not insured by Campus Residences. We do advise that you take out your own insurance or extend your home insurance to include your possessions

Q. What are the rules of the Residences?
Once you have been offered a room, you will be required to accept the Occupancy Licence which details the terms and conditions of living in Residences.  Offers are made subject to acceptance of these conditions. Just click on the link below to view these regulations - http://www.dcuaccommodation.ie/living-on-campus/undergraduate-terms-and-conditionshttp://www.dcuaccommodation.ie/living-on-campus/undergraduate-terms-and-conditions

Q. What will my address be?
The following is an example of how your mail should be addressed.

DCU Glasnevin Campus
Mr/Mrs Joe Bloggs 
Room Number
Larkfield, Hampstead or College Park Apartments 
Campus Residences DAC
Ballymun Road 
Dublin 9.
DCU St. Patrick's Campus
Mr/Ms Joe Bloggs
Room Number & House Name
St. Patrick's College
Dublin 9 
Q. What are the opening hours of the Accommodation Office? 


Monday - Sunday 8.00am - 8.00pm 

St Patricks & All Hallows 

Monday - Friday 9.15am - 5.00pm 

Q. What is the role of Security?
Security carry out regular patrols of the Residences. They are also responsible for managing CCTV, Access especially out of hours, enforcing company rules, providing first aid and responding to fire alarms.

It's important for Residents to understand that they are responsible for their own security, that of their apartment and their own possessions. Residents should ensure that they have their keys and access cards on their possession at all times.

Giving access to residents who are locked out is not a priority for Security and may mean that you will have to wait for some time  before they can reach you. So don't forget your keys!

If you have any further queries, please contact:

Campus Residences DAC
Telephone: 00353 1 700 5736
Fax: 00353 1 700 5777
Email: Campus.Residences@dcu.ie