There are many services available on campus

There can be a lot of information to take in, when you first arrive on campus. It is a good idea to famaliarise yourself with all that DCU has to offer. The services listed below are on campus for your benefit and to enrich your time at University, so make good use of them :-)

Students Union:
The Office of the SU is located in The Hub building beside the Nubar. They will be putting on many events throughout the academic year. You can drop into them anytime for advise & information. Check out their website for more information or find them on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram.

Clubs & Societies:
There are over 140 Clubs & Societies in DCU, spread across all three campuses. They cater for all interests, hobbies and passions or you can even set up your own! From developing existing skills to trying something completely new. Take a look at their webpage for more information Joining a club or society is one of the best decisions you can make and can add so much to your university experience. 

Office Of Student Life: 
The Office of Student Life is the umbrella body for the Students' Union, Clubs and Societies in Dublin City University. It is based in the student Centre - The Hub - which houses its staff and facilities, including meeting rooms, computer facilities, a large venue and many other support services vital for a vibrant student life on campus. Find out more at

Student Support & Development:
SS&D are there to help you navigate your way through university life. Some of the many services that SS&D provides include financial advice, personal development, academic development & professional development. You will find councelling services here also. For a full run down of all that is available through SS&D and events they run through the year, keep an eye on their webpage

All of your maintenance requests are looked after by The Estates office. We will follow your maintenance requests closely and follow up with them on your behalf, but please bare in mind we don't directly look after the maintenance of the accommodation. The Estates office are the only department on campus insured to carry out essential works in your apartment.