Recycling and Sustainability

Doing Our Bit For The Environment

DCU is a Green Flag University:
The Sustainability Office has big plans in the pipeline to continue turning DCU into a sustainable & green campus. 

We do our part, In the residences, by using the recycing bins in the correct way. Please separate you general waste, mixed recycleables and glass in your accommodation. You have been provided bins for mixed recycleables. 

We cannot accept rubbish being disposed of in the incorrect way & fines will be implemented for incorrect use of the recycling bins. The environment is too important to the all of us in the DCU community.

St Pats you have your own individual recycling points containing:

Red bins for general waste
Green bins for dry mixed recyclables
Brown bins for glass 

Did you know that pizza boxes CANNOT go into the green recycling bins because of the grease on the box. But great news Larkfield, these can go into your countertop food waste bin for composting!!!