There is a telephone in the common area in each apartment in Hampstead, College Park House 11 – 16, and Postgraduate Block A & B. In Houses 17 – 19 in College Park there is a telephone in each bedroom. There are also 4 courtesy phones on the ground floor of the Larkfield apartments at each exit, which can be used to contact security in case of emergency.

Instructions for use

The telephone in your bedroom/living room area can make and receive calls for any extension within the university. Simply dial the extension required, e.g. to call the Accommodation Reception (01 700 5736), dial 5736.

Receiving Calls
The phone in your apartment will accept calls from outside DCU if dialled directly.
•From the 01 area (Dublin) prefix 700 to the extension number
•From mobiles and from elsewhere in Ireland, prefix 01 – 700
•From outside Ireland, prefix 353-1-700 (after the International access codes)
The handsets are linked through the University’s system, which if fully digital. Therefore they cannot be used for Fax or Computer Modem calls.


Useful Contact Numbers
Internal Numbers (can be called from the phone in your apartment by dialling the last 4 digits)

Accommodation Reception
01 700 5736

University Security
01 700 8990
01 700 5999 (Emergency Number)

Health Centre (DCU)
01 700 5880