Housekeeping Inspections

Housekeeping Inspections

Housekeeping inspections are carried out approximately every 6 weeks in the Larkfield, Hampstead and College Park apartments. Notice of inspection dates is sent out be email and hard copy to each house noticeboard, giving students plenty of advance notice. All areas are inspected, i.e. bedrooms and common areas. Fines for bedrooms are charged to the student, and fines for communal areas are divided between the residents of each apartment.

It is recommended that you clean your room regularly rather than letting it get really dirty so that it then needs a major clean up. If you are living in shared accommodation it is an idea to set up a cleaning rota. Please note that bicycles are not permitted in any buildings/apartments in the residences. 


Posters etc./Items on walls (at any time)
€ 20.00

Bicycle/Tolley in room/apartment (at any time)
€ 20.00

Cooker, Fridge, Floor (Tiles & Carpets), Microwave, General Area 
€ 5.00 per resident each item 

Bathroom items - toilet, sink, shower, floor
€ 5.00 each item

Bedroom items - carpet, general area, desk area (dusty etc.)
€ 5.00 each item

Departure fines

Dirty toilet, sink or shower
€ 10.00 each item

Untidy or dirty bedroom

€ 20.00 per person

Dirty kitchen
€ 30.00 per person

Repaint of apartment if necessary

€ 600.00 (each bedroom: €300)

This list of fines is not exhaustive, please see inspection notices and departure letter for more details.

Cleaning Tips

Ovens, Hobs and Microwaves:
Clean up spillages as they happen. Use a general multipurpose cleaner on the hob and oven. There are numerous oven cleaners available in the supermarket - choose carefully as some of them are very strong. For the microwave place a bowl of cold water into the microwave and bring to the boil; the steam created will help to soften any deposits of food and make them easier to remove.

Toilets and Bathrooms:
Again use a good general multi surface cleaner and spray, scrub and rinse off. Ensure you use rubber gloves when you are cleaning the bathrooms. When cleaning the toilet, a bleach product should be used, and with the toilet brush, scrub under the rim and the u-bend of the toilet. Wash the seat, lid and outside of the toilet.

Defrosting the freezer:
When you know you are going to defrost the fridge, start to let your food supplies run down. Once your fridge is empty, unplug and place old towels and newspapers on the floor, to catch the defrosting ice. It is not a good idea to try and break off any ice particles as you risk damaging the fridge. Once the fridge is fully defrosted, wash the inside, shelves and doors fully. Plug your fridge back in. It should be noted that your icebox door and freezer doors will break if you do not defrost your fridge regularly. Do not allow a build up of ice to occur. If you do break your freezer door you will have to pay the replacement costs.