Departing from the Residences

Departing from the Residences

Dirty toilet sink, shower, floor, mirror €10 per item
Untidy or dirty bedroom €20 per person
Dirty kitchen (any items as per check list) €30 per person
Rubbish €10 per bin/bag
Bottles €1 per bottle
Furniture/items etc left behind Charged for cost of disposal
Posters €20
Repaint if necessary Apartment €600 (not incl. bedroom)
(any damaged, marked walls, incl. blu-tak marks) Bedroom: €300

Please note that any damages to apartments and fixtures and fittings not noted on inventory forms when moving in will be charged between residents of apartment (such as chairs, sofas, floor coverings etc.)

Residents are requested to ensure the following cleaning routine is followed:


  • Please take home duvet and pillow – it is your property. Campus Residences Limited accepts no responsibility for property left behind. Please do not put duvets or pillows in skip.
  • Ensure mattress protector is freshly washed.
  • Skirting boards and windowsills must be wiped clean.
  • Remove all personal decorations, belongings and rubbish from bedroom.
  • Dust and vacuum floor area.
  • Toilets must be cleaned and free from limescale.
  • Sinks and taps must be cleaned and free from hair and lime scale.
  • Showers and tiles must be cleaned and free from hair and lime scale.
  • Ensure floor and mirrors are clean.
  • A skip will also be provided between Hampstead and Larkfield, located in courtyard in front of gates between Larkfield and Hampstead apartments. (No duvets or pillows!)
  • Please ensure that bedroom door is locked when leaving. (Where necessary double swipe card until red light flashes)

Living Room:
It is the responsibility of all occupants of the apartment to ensure the living room is thoroughly cleaned. Apartments will not be inspected until all residents have departed.

  • All worktops must be washed clean
  • All presses and drawers to be cleaned inside and out.
  • Kitchen sink should be clean (and not brown).
  • Remove all food from the fridge/freezer and defrost.
  • Fridges/hobs/ovens and microwaves must be cleaned
  • Clean the oven and grill including the grill pan – please use a good cleaning agent and remove all grease nd grime. The top of the cooker should be left spotlessly clean and all brown marks and grease removed.
  • Bins should be emptied and wiped clean.
  • Skirting boards and windowsills must be wiped clean.
  • Flooring should be vacuumed/swept/washed, this included behind beds and sofas
  • All bottles must be deposited in the recycling bins provided and rubbish bags in appropriate bins

Vacuum Cleaners:
On inspection of all apartments residents must ensure that there is one vacuum cleaner for every apartment in every house as supplied when you moved in and if this is not the case the cost of the vacuum will be shared between occupants of apartment. This only applies to Hampstead and College Park Residences.

For Larkfield residents, vacuum cleaners are available from room V134 on the first floor of the Larkfield apartments. 

There should be 5 kitchen chairs in the Hampstead and College Park apartments. There should also be 1 study chair in each bedroom. Any missing/broken chairs will be charged for.