Application Information

Application Information 

Applications Open: Monday 1st February at 12.00pm

Applications Close: Applications remain open at the moment. Please click 'Apply Now' to the top right hand corner of the screen to apply. 

To make an application, students must visit the DCU Accommodation Portal, create an account or log in and list their top three accommodation preferences. Click here to access the application page. 

A refundable €50 application fee is required to complete the application process.

Lottery Process 

To allocate accommodation we perform a lottery that includes all the applications received. In order to be considered for the lottery, students must have an active profile and an active application. 

Lottery Dates 

In order to be eligible for the lottery process, a valid application must be received within the application period. 

Incoming 1st year accommodation: 23rd March 2021- lottery will be performed.

As rooms become free after March 23rd, the booking system will automatically perform mini lotteries to the waiting list. 

Deposit Due to secure successful room offer: April 4th. This amount is €250.00 bringing the total amount paid to €300.00 to secure your room for 2021/2022. 

The remainder of your semester 1 payment is due after the CAO offers are announced. 

If you are not successful in securing a DCU course, your booking is fully refundable prior to move in date.